About FKCosmetics

FATIMA KHAN is a self-made makeup artist. She founded FK STUDIO in 2014. At an early age FATIMA KHAN felt a deep unknowing passion for art. She had an innate sense that allowed her to effortlessly visualise the beauty in everything she saw. Using the incredible transformative power of makeup to make women feel and look as beautiful. That led to be a master in contouring and transformation, using her strokes, tools, brushes and talent… Within no time FATIMA’S career as a makeup artist pickedup with a lot of persistence and patience she polished her name and left her prints, Not only on faces but in hearts.Fatima Khan has established herself as a leading renowned makeup artist, aiming to spread her knowledge and expertise in the beauty industry unto those who seek it.

Furthermore she became a phenomenon on social media with over 200k followers on facebook devoted from around the world. Fatima became a makeup queen. Fatima Khan gathered her experience and merged it with international expertise not only to launch his very own set of makeup brushes and eyelashes but also expanded by turning into a BRAND and a whole product line.


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